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《大片好莱坞》(Hollywood Reels)是一款造型新颖的射击类游戏设备,整体外观仿照上个世纪的电影拍摄片场进行设计,再加上色彩丰富的LED灯光、逼真震撼的声音效果,一经推出便久

《大片好莱坞》(Hollywood Reels)是一款造型新颖的射击类游戏设备,整体外观仿照上个世纪的电影拍摄片场进行设计,再加上色彩丰富的LED灯光、逼真震撼的声音效果,一经推出便久据游戏场地最受欢迎产品之一的位置。游戏时,玩家通过投币,控制机台屏幕上的垂直胶卷进行滚动,并对其进行射击以获得胶卷上对应的彩票分值。


Hollywood Reels

Players insert their coins into one of two cameras, so that they might roll down the ramp and into the vertically moving film reels. The object is to get as many tickets as possible by hitting different value targets on each of the film reels. Hollywood Reels features an attractive cabinet with LED lights, quality sounds, and bright neon to attract attention. The game continues to rank top on all charts is one of the highest earning games in the game room.