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G&A 2016 Broke Records: 75,000㎡ exhibition area + 1,200 booths + over 500 new products + over 350 enterprises !

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G&A 2015 Broke Records: 75,000㎡ exhibition area + 1,200 booths + over 500 new products + over 350 enterprises ! G&A 2015, with the total exhibition area of 75,000sq.m and 1200 booths, exhibited the world'
G&A 2016 Broke Records: 75,000㎡ exhibition area + 1,200 booths + over 500 new products + over 400 enterprises !
G&A 2016, with the total exhibition area of 75,000sq.m and  400 exhibitors,  exhibited the world's latest Games & Amusement products and technology, with emphasize on the recent results of ChinaGames & Amusement Industry. G & A 2016 is surely the most successful amusement event in Asia China.
G & A2016 broke records for the size of the trade show floor and number of exhibitors. According to the statistics, the show grew by 25% this year, in which contracts worth over 3.5 billion yuan were signed at the Show.
Based on preliminary estimates, a total of 8,000 quality buyers participated in the show from more about 41 areas. Real estate developers, designers, contractors, equipment providers, experts, analysts, architects, operators of resorts and scenic spots, etc all gathered together.
A record 400 exhibiting companies filled 75,000 m2 of space on the trade show floor. G&A 2016 can be divided into three Area: Theme Parks & Attractions Pavilion (Golden Horse, OKE Design, Feixiong UNITE ART, Xintai, Huazhongxing, Dalang, Jiuhua, Max, Icom, Trend,etc.); E-Game (Arcade Game) Pavilion ( UNIS, Golden Dragon, Sealytec, Mecpower, Dream Fun, Nitto Fun, Delta Strike, SHANZHIFU, Shun Pu, etc.); Amusement Equipment Pavilion (Suzo-Happ, G-Look, Super Game, Wolong, Ocean, Shenbang, Happycastle, Lesgo, etc. ) 
G&A 2016 attracted about 450 foreign professional buyers, especially clients from Middle-eastern countries and Africa, as well as customers from USA, Australia, Singapore, Korea, France, Spain, Denmark, Germany, etc.
1.Opening Ceremony 
2.Most Innovative Design Product List
Golden Horse: FREEFALL TOWER RIDES, Rotating Roller Coaster, Straight Lift Raft Rid
UNIS: Happy Submarines, Small African Hunter
Huatai: Railway Guerrillas, Jurassic World, 813 Songhu Campaign
Golden Dragon: Dolphin Prince, Island-Protected Hero, Dolphin Adventure
Ls-Game: Windmill Crab, Lifting Tower, Panda Park
Shenghua: Fantasy ball, King of Ocean
Shikewei: Harvest, Tumbler, Donkey Kong
Joyland: F1 Real Racing, Interstellar War
Jamma: 9D vision of virtual reality museum, Laser Ares bumper car
Fanssi: Space sand
Bodolo: Cutebaby Emigrated, Simulated Traffic City, Colorful Bike
Golden Dream: European Classic Carousel 524p, Candy Land, Happy Sailing
3. New World·Grandeur Cup Indoor Simulator Golf Invitational Tournament
4. 2016"Xipu International· New World Cup iDartTM"League Match (Zhongshan) Station
8th China (Zhongshan) International Games & Amusement Fair 2015 concluded another successful year for the G&A show, G&A 2016 welcomes you!
The Positive feedback from the exhibitors such as:(Partly)
Max Creative Industry Organization  
Board chairman : Zhengzheng Zhu
The main objective of attending G & A is showing the quality and strength of the company. In president Zhu’s opinion, his company had achieved this. Visitors were extremely interested in the sculptures and new decorative materials they displayed and a lot of buyers mainly come from tourist attractions who want to reconstruct their parks had been received.
Jiuhua Rides 
Marketing Manager Xiaodan Zhang
As a regular customer of G&A, the objective of Jiuhua Rides is similar to that of the previous years. Miss Zhang indicated that G&A 2015 not only provided a platform for displaying products but also for friends’ gathering. At the exhibition, Jiuhua communicated with some built-up parks such as Floraland, Wenzhou Amusement Park, Xiedao Group resort Beijing, etc. and investment operators from Guizhou, Shandong, Guangxi and Fujian. Miss Zhang jokingly referred it to a “ Nationwide Park Industry Meeting”.
Dupty Gerneral Manager: Guanqun Zhang
All G&A seems to president Zhang is an effective platform for displaying a company’s strength directly, which not only enabled them exchange experience and make mutual improvement, but also communicate and reach cooperation intentions with new and old clients. Since its opening, G&A 2016 had met various clients and received many new scenic spot investors with cooperation intentions. 
Trend Group
Vice-general manager of marketing center: Zhiguang Zhong
Mr. Zhong introduced that most of the clients were new ones who were investors building water parks, what they focused on are the methods of planning in the earlier stage and they supplied them a satisfying answer. Looking forward to a better next session.  
G&A 2017--China (Zhongshan) International Games & Amusement Fair
Date:Aug.11th-13th, 2017 (Pls mark it in your calendar)
Venue:Zhongshan Convention Center, Guangdong (Main Venue)
Guangdong Game & Amusement Culture Industry City (Sub-venue)
Total Exhibition Area: Up to 80,000 sqm