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G&A 2015——An Industry Event

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G&A 2015——An Industry Event China (Zhongshan) Int’l Games & Amusement Fair 2015(G&A 2015) will be held in Zhongshan Convention Center (Main Venue) and Guangdong Game & Amusement Cultu
G&A 2015——An Industry Event 
China (Zhongshan) Int’l Games & Amusement Fair 2015(G&A 2015) will be held in Zhongshan Convention Center (Main Venue) and Guangdong Game & Amusement Culture Industry City (Sub-venue) during October 22nd-24th, 2015.
Zhongshan Convention Center (Main Venue)
Guangdong Game & Amusement Culture Industry (Sub-venue)
Years of building, unshakable professional status
Guangdong Game & Amusement Culture Industry is an emerging updated industry integrated advanced manufacturing industry and technological innovation with cultural creative industry and amusement respectively, has become one of the new hot spots in world economic development nowadays.
As the birthplace of games & amusement, Zhongshan City has been awarded as “Chinese Games & Amusement Industry Base ”, “Guangdong Animation Games & Amusement Industrial Cluster (Zhongshan base)” and “Guangdong Torch Plan Games & Amusement Special Industry Base” after over 30 years’ development.
G&A aims at creating an international, authorize and efficient industry platform so as to promote exchanges and cooperation. In 2008, first G&A was successfully held with a turnover amounted to 1.23 billion yuan, emerged as a high-end trade event. In 2014, G&A conducted an intended turnover of 3.2 billion yuan with an expanded scale of 44,000 m2 and 243 exhibitors. After years of building, G&A has been brought into Building Culturally Strong Guangdong Province Plan (2011-2020), becoming one of the most important events and establishing its position in the construction of provincial cultural industry.
Comprehensive upgrades & sparkling highlights
G&A 2015 is guided by Ministry of Culture Markets, China Special Equipment Inspection Institute and more, supported by CAAPA and co-sponsored by China Cultural & Entertainment Industry Association, Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and ZhongShan Government.
G&A 2015 aims at “transformation and upgrading”, highlighting the theme of “Sunshine Entertainment”. Covering an total exhibition scale of 75,000 m2 and 1,200 booths, G&A 2015 divided its main session, Zhongshan Convention Center into 3 areas, namely, theme park service & amusement machine, child playground and electronic game.
Over 350 enterprises at home and abroad and more than 500 new products being highlights in G&A 2015. The following activities will be concurrently held:
Most Innovative Design Award Ceremony, Company Ratings & Normalization Forum, Amusement Facilities Industrial Alliance Inaugural Meeting, Amusement Facilities Security Technology Seminar, Opening Ceremony of Guangdong Game and Amusement Industry City, New World·Grandeur Cup Indoor Simulator Golf Invitational Tournament, etc.
Pictured 2015 “Xipu International·New World Cup iDartTM” League Match (Guangzhou Station)
The first New World·Grandeur VIRA Golf Invitational Tournament will be held concurrently, providing a communication platform for collaboration, business opportunities exploration and friendship, VIRA high speed indoor simulator golf was specified as device.