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G&A 2015 Press Conference on Oct.12th

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G&A 2015 Press Conference on Oct.12th G&A 2015--China (Zhongshan) International Games & Amusement Fair Date:October 22nd-24th, 2015 Venue:Zhongshan Convention Center, Guangdong (Main Venue) 主会
G&A 2015 Press Conference on Oct.12th
G&A 2015--China (Zhongshan) International Games & Amusement Fair 
Date:October 22nd-24th, 2015 
Venue:Zhongshan Convention Center, Guangdong (Main Venue)
Address: BoAi 6th Road, East District,Shiqi, Zhongshan city, China
Guangdong Game & Amusement Culture Industry City (Sub-venue)
分会场:广东游戏游艺文化产业城(广东省中山市港口镇沙港中路29 号之一)
Address: No.29-1,ShaGang Middle Road,Gangkou Town,Zhongshan.
75,000 m2 exhibition area + 1,200 booths + over 500 new products + over 350 enterprises !
On the morning of October 12th, the press conference of China (Zhongshan) Int’l Games & Amusement Fair 2015(G&A 2015) was successfully held on conference center of Guangdong Game & Amusement Culture Industry City (GDGameCity). 
The following personnel concerned attended this conference:
Ye Weitang, the president of Zhongshan Gaming & Amusement Association(ZGAA), Chen Youxing, the chief of Gangkou Town, Wu Qiaochu, the party secretary of Gangkou Town, Lei Jiayong, the secretary general of Zhongshan Gaming & Amusement Association, etc.
G&A 2015 conducted a comprehensive upgrade from aspects of organizational level, exhibition area, scale, new products, merchant lineup and so on, showing you a brand new event.
Highlights of G&A 2015
1.Upgraded Scale & Great Interactions
With an total exhibition scale of 75,000 m2 and 1,200 booths, G&A 2015 has upgraded both its scale and services.
With an exhibition area of 30,000 m2, the main session, Zhongshan Convention Center enjoys 3 areas, namely, theme park service & amusement machine, child playground and electronic game.
It is believed that with the effective resource allocation and supply-demand relationship, G&A 2015 is expected to have a better procurement mode and greater interactions.
2.Wonderful & Popular Activities
Professional activities such as Most Innovative Design Awarded, Company Ratings & Normalization Forum, etc. and a series of fun activities such as New World·Grandeur Cup Simulator Golf Invitational Tournament, COSPLAY Shows will be concurrently held with G&A 2015. 
3.Well-known Enterprises & International Brands 
Over 350 enterprises at home and abroad, more than 5000 overseas merchants coming from America, Britain, France, India, Singapore,Australia, etc. and several regions have been attracted by the event. Moreover, domestic exhibitors such as, Golden Horse, Golden Dragon ,UNIS, G-LOOK, Elephant Sculpture Art, Wahlap, Jiuhua, have expressed their appreciations and affirmations of G&A 2015.
4.Treasury & Creation of New Products
Adhering to be creative and keep pace with the times, over 500 new products such as 65-meter freedom tower, happy submarine, Talladega Nights, Jurassic world, Grand Mer, dolphin prince, tumblers, lifting tower, CandyLand and so forth, will be displayed on-site, promoting and providing novel stimulus to visitors. New products will not only represent the new direction of the development of the industry but also demonstrate an unique charm of G&A 2015.
Under the support of government, industry and media, G&A 2015 will become an excellent event promoting the development of the industry with its ideal services, scale and lineup.