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G & A2014 Post-Show Report

Author:Tina Chang Source:Tina Chang  Updated:2014-12-02 14:12:47 Clicks:
G & A2014 Post-Show Report 7th China (Zhongshan) Int’l Games & Amu

                                            G & A2014 Post-Show Report

7th China (Zhongshan) Int’l Games & Amusement Fair(G & A2014), which was supported by Zhongshan Munipal Government, was crowned with great success from Oct.23rd- 25th at Zhongshan Convention Center.

Totally 220 exhibitors attended G & A2014. 54,000 sq.m was displayed there including Zhongshan Dragon World (International) Game & Amusement Sourcing Platform and G-Look Children amusement exhibition center. Tent Exhibition Area was firstly set this year. All the booths was sold out about one month before the exhibition. G & A2014 is the best edition ever since.

G & A2014 Brands (Partly) such as: Guangzhou: Superboy, FAMILY OF CHILDHOOD TOY, Neofuns, Hua Tai, Sealy, Mecpower, Cowboy, Jamma; Zhongshan: Golden Horse, Golden Dragon Group, G-Look, UNIS, Airo, Ocean, Guang Yang, LS-GAME, LESGO, Sun Amusement; Beijing: Aotexiang, Aidele, Shun Tian Heng Rui, Sunshine Technology, Jindian, RICHES, Lida, Jiuhua; Shenzhen: PlayFun, LOVEYOYO, LeapLoong, Lucky Dog, Yonglixing, Red-style, MATEE, ChuangYiYuan, Zhongshenchuangmei; Henan: Wojin, Quanmei, SFI, Wolong, HENG TAI HUA, Jianpei; Chengdu: Dinosaur Landscape & Art, Zhi He Zhen Ling, Xinan; Overseas exhibitors also joined in like Suzo-Happ, Hankook Leisure, Delta Strike International, OKE Inc…Hundreds of NEW amusement equipments were displayed.. According to the survey, 91 percent of  our exhibitors all expressed that they will continue to attend next year. At the site, 20% of them are asking about the floormap for next year and would like to book their location at an earlier date for better one. They said that G & A Fair is a must-attend fair for them and include it in their calendar, and so on…

During the three days, we serviced more about 15,000 visitors from mote about 49 areas. Real estate developers, designers, contractors, equipment providers, experts, analysts, architects, operators of resorts and scenic spots, etc all gathered together. Thanks for your effort and interest in G & A Zhongshan Fair. G & A Committee are always waiting here for your joining…

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