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G & A2014 Starts

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Agenda 2013-10-24 10:00—17:00 Registration

After 6 years of development and Accumulation, G & A has been a brand expo known by the industry insiders. For the great success of G & A 2013, G & A 2014 will be the best platform for you to find Asia suppliers or tap into market in China.

G & A Committee are trying their best to invite more brands to participate in. Until Feb.21st, 12% of the old customers have booked or reserved their booths. Reserve your space at an earlier date to gain more exposure.

G & A 2014 starts now. We believe that G & A 2014 will be upgraded, be constantly improving, and be giving the surprise to the industry insiders. Please stay focused!

About 44,000 Square Meters for you to discover!