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Market Prospect 
★ Asia is now the industrial base of international Game & Amusement equipments, some regions, such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China Mainland, have become an important industrial base.
★  Zhongshan, as the most important industrial base of amusement, is well-known among the estate developers, and the owners of the amusement parks, public parks playgrounds, resorts, places of interests, and kinds of the entertainment sites around China.
★  A number of leading Game&Amusement enterprises have located in bases including 40 domestic major enterprises such as Golden Horse, Golden Dragon, the ShiYu, G-LOOK and so on. The showcases organized by Zhongshan manufacturers themselves welcome numerous buyers from parks and investors to investigate every year.
To take advantage of this, the Zhongshan Municipal government organized a show in Zhongshan city so as to get together the famous amusement manufacturers from around other places in 2008. It proved a success in the last four shows!