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Hall Introduction
Zhongshan Expo Center, which is located in the southeast of zhongshan city centre, is in the south of Purple Maling’s planning area. With Purple Maling park in its north, zhongshan party school in its west, Zhongshan Expo Center owns infrastructure such as good transportation, beautiful natural environment,etc. and also close to beijing-zhuhai expressway.
 Zhongshan Expo Center, with the total construction of is 115,555 square meters, is combined with annual exhibition hall, composite hall and conference center, including ground floor area of about 84,436 square meters, underground construction area of about 31,119 square meters. The building height is 28.6 meters,the length from east to west of the building is 468 meters ,the width from south to north is 252 meters and plaza area is about 20,000 square meters. Green area is about 120,000 square meters and the greening rate is  40%. The building structure is reinforced concrete frame- steel truss structure, the shape of the building is simple and modern. The structure material is mainly focused on metal, glass, stone, etc. The choice in color is harmony with the environment, the overall architectural style is very contemporary.
Zhongshan Expo Center is city integrated function service district which is mainly focuses on annual exhibition, show and also the convention, business, travel, entertainment, and sport etc. The completion of the project will further promote the economic development of urban commerce and can meet concentrated construction space of the city's industrial, agricultural product exhibitions and trade.